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An Overview of Cenforce 100 Mg If you have erectile dysfunction, there is a good chance that Cenforce 100 Mg, a miracle medicine made by Centurion Pharmaceuticals will be of help to you. The tablet is intended to influence attaining an erection whenever you need to make love. It has been used successfully by millions of men with the same problem and continues to be in high demand. Read More

Cenforce 100 Mg

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An Overview of Cenforce 100 Mg

If you have erectile dysfunction, there is a good chance that Cenforce 100 Mg, a miracle medicine made by Centurion Pharmaceuticals will be of help to you. The tablet is intended to influence attaining an erection whenever you need to make love. It has been used successfully by millions of men with the same problem and continues to be in high demand.

This Cenforce tablet is no different from the highly publicized ED drug called Viagra. They work in the same way and contain the same ingredient, Sildenafil. Because in the long run treatment for erectile dysfunction can become expensive, many men choose to purchase this drug over Viagra since it costs significantly less and is easier to get.

When the doctor first starts treatment for ED, this is the preferred dose of Sildenafil they will give you. It is mild and if you get any side effects, they shouldn’t land you in the emergency room. But you shouldn’t worry about such things because only a small percentage of men will have bad reactions to the medicine.

If you are curious about the results of using this medicine, the answer is you will get a strong erection. The way this medication works ensures that a large amount of blood will collect in your sexual organ and the pressure there will increase causing an erection. But now, let’s get to know different things about using this medication.

About Sildenafil

Can you believe that the use of Sildenafil Citrate to treat erectile dysfunction was a chance discovery? Originally it was being used to treat hypertension when it was discovered that it can also influence erections.

In 1998 it was approved as a safe compound for the treatment of ED. It was patented by Pfizer which uses it to make Viagra. Nowadays, that patent no longer applies and the market has several options of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Among those options is Cenforce 100 Mg.

Sildenafil is a Vasodilator, this means it causes vessels to relax and expand. There are other vasodilators out there including natural ones. This particular one falls in the group of Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. As complex as that may sound, it works in a simple process of manipulating the enzymes in the blood vessels.

How Cenforce 100 Mg is Used?

1. Erectile dysfunction: When this drug was made, erectile dysfunction was the main ailment it was intended to treat. Any man who cannot have sex because his penis doesn’t get hard enough for penetrative sex could use this drug to change the condition. Use of the drug is by prescription following a medical assessment. It works best if it is swallowed an hour in advance. Physical stimulation is then necessary to get the organ hard. You will be able to get an erection for as long as six hours after the first one. It is safe when you take only 1 tablet in 24 hours.

2. Pulmonary hypertension: in the absence of more specific drugs to help with this condition, a trained specialist can guide you in the use of Cenforce 100 Mg to reduce blood pressure in the arteries leading to the lungs. The instructions on how often the medication should be administered will be provided when you visit a doctor.

3. Sports performance: According to studies carried out on the effect of Sildenafil on athletes in hypoxic conditions, there is evidence that it increases the amount of oxygenated blood to the lungs and this can improve performance. Some athletes who take part in high-altitude training find it beneficial to use this drug to improve lung capacity.

How Cenforce 100 Mg Causes an Erection?

This drug basically improves blood circulation for impotent men. If you have this problem, there is a huge possibility that your circulation system is not functioning at full capacity. This is usually because the blood vessels are narrow and hardened. In some instances that is a good thing like after ejaculation when the penis needs to drain blood from the penis.

Now to have sex, the blood vessels need to be dilated. There are muscles within the walls of the ateries although it would seem they are constantly contracted. Cenforce 100 Mg makes the muscles relax. As we mentioned earlier, it is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5, also called PDE 5.

When it gets into the system, it inhibits that enzyme, and the effect of that is vasodilation. You can then start “messing about” with your partner and your penis will get hard because blood can now flow into there when needed.

You can use the different doses of cenforce like Cenforce 50 and Cenforce 200 Mg.

Side Effects

The urologist will prep you on how and when to use it as well as what to expect. Prepping will include letting you know how to handle side effects. You will notice that the most probable side effects are not a big deal and they will stop after some time. 100 Mg of Sildenafil will cause minor repercussions but that is not a constant occurrence. You could fill any one of these here.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Running stomach
  • Flushing
  • Back pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Light sensitivity

The physician will also prepare you for the unlikely event that the side effects are severe. They are not bound to occur since overdose, allergies, and interactions are what would make them happen. Unless you plan to disobey the doctor, These should be the least problems for you.

  • Unrelenting erection exceeding 4 hours
  • Increased heart rate
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Rashes
  • Dangerously low blood pressure


How to use Cenforce 100 Mg?

The manufacturer encourages you to seek the instructions of a physician to determine how to use the drug. Its usage is peculiar to an individual. The best way to determine how you can use it is to have a complete assessment which includes scans and probably blood tests. If you are given the all-clear to use Cenforce 100 Mg, you will need to follow some of these instructions unless it is determined that an alteration should be made.

  • Do not swallow more than 1 tablet at a go and wait 24 hours before you can swallow another
  • Give the drug a headstart of 1 hour for best results
  • Watch the type of food you eat before taking the drug and completely avoid junk food
  • Any change to the dosage should be communicated by the doctor
  • Do not start on any other medication without consulting the physician to find out if it is safe.



The strength of this medicine can be increased or reduced when mixed with certain compounds. These interactions below are red flagged.

Nitrates: They can cause muscles to relax just like Sildenafil. Having nitrates and Sildenafil active in your system at the same time is a recipe for overdose.

Alpha-blockers: If you are on treatment for high blood pressure, there is a chance you are using alpha-blockers. Combining them with this medication will drop blood pressure to a dangerous level.

cGMP stimulants: There is an increased chance of priapism when you take these in combination with Cenforce 100 Mg. Note, Sildenafil blocks PDE-5 to increase the action of cGMP.

Certain HIV meds: They prevent Sildenafil from working the way it should. The common drugs include Nevirapine and Efavirenz. Your doctor will enlighten you here.


1- Who shouldn’t use this medication?

Do you have erectile dysfunction? Has the doctor prescribed this medication for you? If your answer to both those questions is no, then you are one of those who shouldn’t use Cenforce 100 Mg. However, other people may have answered yes and yet may still not use the drug. People with allergies to Sildenafil are among those who should not. The condition of your heart can determine if you should or shouldn’t use it. Sex is a vigorous exercise and certain heart conditions make it unsafe to engage in the act or take medication like this one.

2- How many of these tablets can I take?

Each tablet is a dose that should suffice for the day. However, you might get a different answer after a medical examination showing you need more. Some men may need salvage treatment which may require a higher dose. In a case like that, you could be advised to take more than just one tablet. However, there are alternative tablets that have more sildenafil in them that could be used instead of using more than one tablet at a go.

3- How does the treatment affect my driving skills?

Not everyone is unable to drive after taking the medication. In some cases, you can still operate a motor vehicle. However, be mindful that you might experience side effects like blurred vision, lightheadedness, and headache that can impair your senses and alertness. They could occur without warning so it is best that when you take the medication, you do not operate heavy machinery.

4- Is Cenforce Sold in America?

Yes, in fact, it is available right here. We help provide easy access to such medication to men in the United States. Prompt delivery is our goal and your satisfaction is our mission. Access the drugs today Like Kamagra 100 Mg and Cenforce 150 Mg.

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