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The secret to an exciting sexual experience for an impotent man lies in this small pill. Contrary to your belief that you have a problem with your penis, the actual problem is within the supply system of your body and Cenforce 50 Mg has the remedy for it. Erectile dysfunction has been treated for many decades now using pills like this and the men who benefited from it are overjoyed by the transformation it brought to their lives. Read More

Cenforce 50 Mg

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The secret to an exciting sexual experience for an impotent man lies in this small pill. Contrary to your belief that you have a problem with your penis, the actual problem is within the supply system of your body and Cenforce 50 Mg has the remedy for it.

Erectile dysfunction has been treated for many decades now using pills like this and the men who benefited from it are overjoyed by the transformation it brought to their lives. You too can experience such transformation and share the excitement with your lover.

What is Cenforce 50 Mg?

This is a low dose of Sildenafil Citrate used on-demand to help men get an erection. Sildenafil is used in the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction. Just try and recall any drug you know that treats impotence and the first one that comes to mind is also made using Sildenafil. Doctors choose to prescribe this drug when a patient shows a good reaction to the stronger alternative but complains about the side effects. Most men will find the dose mild in reference to side effects.

How is Cenforce 50 MG Used?

Like most tablets, it is orally ingested. It should be taken without an alteration to it. That means, do not break, crush or dissolve the tablet. The tablet will have to be used an hour before love-making, but some men can still get an erection after 30 minutes of ingesting the tablet. The medication remains potent for 5 hours but it can still be traced in the system for 24 hours. For that reason, do not take another tablet even if you still want to have sex after 6 hours of taking it. The best results are often seen when you follow the directions of a doctor. At times it is necessary to adjust the way you use the medication.

Does Cenforce 50 Mg Work?

A weighty number of customers who utilized this medication were convinced about its potency. They were able to get erections within the estimated time and they still use it whenever they intend to make love. There are some cases of impotence that may require a stronger dose of Sildenafil. In such circumstances, the subject may conclude that the medication doesn’t work. That however is not the right deduction. Different circumstances can prevent an individual from seeing the benefit of the drug.

How Cenforce 50 Mg Treats Erectile Dysfunction?

First of all, let’s talk about the condition before we get into how it is treated. While impotence is referred to the inability to get an erection or to maintain a strong erection, the main problem is not with the penis. Sometimes it is even in the mind. Erections occur when blood collects in the soft tissue of the penis and makes it hard and erect. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by a failure of blood to find its way into the penis.

This medication will remedy the dysfunction by causing blood vessels to dilate. It searches out the enzyme PDE-5 and blocks its function. The result is blood vessels softening and enlarging. Ample amounts of blood can then flow through them. When you engage in hanky panky, blood will quickly find its way into your penis and you will get a hardon.

You will be able to try some different doses of Cenforce like Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150, and Cenforce 200.

Why Use Cenforce 50 Mg?

1. Low side effects: For most men who use this drug, the idea of taking it and not getting side effects is one of the strongest reasons they will use it. If your tolerance of Sildenafil is low, you should be able to get an erection after taking this tablet and not experience any effects. If you do, however, they will not be strong.

2. Availability online: Impotence is not the kind of disease you do not mind who knows you have it. Because of that, it can be too embarrassing to have to go to a drug shop and ask for impotence medication. Well, you do not have to do that because this drug is available online. You can make an order from the privacy of your bedroom and no one has to know what you look like. The drug will also be delivered to you with discretion.

3. Satisfying sex life: Your sex life can be great for both you and your lover. Just because this is a low dose of Sildenafil doesn’t mean it will not give you a strong erection. Many men say their partner even remarked about the strength of the erection and the ability it gives to try new things in the bedroom.

4. Psychological stability: ED can weigh down your mind. It starts with thoughts of self-doubt that wander into other negative ideas and before you know it, you are depressed. You can rescue your sanity by treating impotence. When you can have sex again, you will notice a sense of mental stability returning and you will be happier.

5. Pain relief: Your partner may use headache as an excuse for not having sex, but science proves sex is exactly what she needs to cure that headache. Being able to have sex when you want to will help you relieve pain especially if it is caused by stress. It will enable a feeling of relaxation and general pleasantness.

6. Easy urination: As erectile dysfunction progresses, it may affect your ability to urinate with ease. When you start using this medication and continue doing it, you will relieve the pressure that makes it hard to urinate.

Side effects of Cenforce 50 Mg

Mild side effects may be experienced after some men use the drug. Because of the low amount of Sildenafil, the effects do not last that long if they occur. For 90 percent of the men who use this drug responsibly, there should be no effect at all. However, you may still find a list of side effects on the leaflet so that if you experience them, you do not think you are coming down with something.

You can even reduce the chances of side effects further by drinking enough water. Many of the side effects may be soothed when you are hydrated.


1- Can this drug affect the quality of sperm?

This is a common concern for men with ED who wish to have children. The good news is that studies have been carried out to establish if Sildenafil can affect your sperm quality. Published reports are positive with indications that the drug cannot cause any significant alteration to sperm quality. It also shows that it has no effect on the normal amount of semen. However, people using the medication for recreational purposes are warned about its effect on their sperm. Unregulated use of the medication may cause you harm.

2- Will Cenforce 50 Mg let me last longer?

There is no scientific backing of such a benefit. This medication is used to give impotent men an erection only. There are tablets that combine Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. Such tablets help to combat the 2 major sexual problems men have.

3- How do I know if this drug is right for me?

Do not shoulder such a responsibility. The doctor will help you figure that out. There is a medical procedure that the doctors follow when determining which medicine works best for a patient. At times this may also be done by trying the medicine for a few days. If you find it does not produce the expected results, the doctor can decide to change the medication or the way it should be taken.

4- How much alcohol can I take when on treatment?

It is best not to exceed 2 glasses of wine or the equivalent of that in beer. For some people, it may even be best not to drink alcohol altogether. The effects of alcohol on the medication and on you are not something you would want to risk. Alcohol can prevent the drug from working well and yet, it will amplify some side effects. You can become dizzier, the headaches can get worse and you may vomit all the food you ate earlier on. If you can’t put the brakes on your consumption, then zero is how much alcohol you should drink.

5- Can someone with sickle cell use this medication?

There are varying opinions about this because some studies indicate there is an increased risk of priapism in men with sickle cell who use this drug because the cells may cause a blockage in the penis. However, other studies have shown that vasodilators can help people with sickle cell because it helps to get the blood flowing. The conclusion is that with the right professional supervision, men with sickle cell can safely use Cenforce 50 Mg. It is wise to keep the doctor in the loop before you start using it.

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