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If you seem to be having more than just one bad day in the bedroom, it may be time to consider a doctor’s appointment. Cases of erectile dysfunction seem to be on the rise and you might have that condition regardless of your age. There is good news though, Fildena Super Active could be the treatment prescribed for you and its results are wonderful. Read More

Fildena Super Active

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If you seem to be having more than just one bad day in the bedroom, it may be time to consider a doctor’s appointment. Cases of erectile dysfunction seem to be on the rise and you might have that condition regardless of your age. There is good news though, Fildena Super Active could be the treatment prescribed for you and its results are wonderful.

Identifying Fildena Super Active

This is a drug that comes in a capsule. The capsule is green and small. The size however isn’t a reflection of the strength as it packs 100 Mg of a strong compound called Sildenafil. It is intended to give temporary relief from erectile dysfunction.

You might wonder why the name “Super Active,” well, this drug is a soft gel capsule. Softgels are often associated with faster-acting drugs. They dissolve much faster once the capsule disintegrates in the stomach.

So what you have here is a strong and fast-acting drug that can enable you to get hard before intercourse.

How Does it Work?

A man with erectile dysfunction is likely to experience hardening of arteries. These arteries are responsible for the delivery of blood to different organs. The penis depends on relaxed arteries to deliver enough blood to get erect. Therefore, it is safe to say that the failure to get an erection is a result of limited blood supply to the penis.

Fildena Super Active fixes that condition by making the arteries soft and relaxed so that more blood can get through. How, you ask? The compound mentioned before, Sildenafil, is called a PDE-5 inhibitor. It blocks this body protein which is otherwise called phosphodiesterase type 5. When that is done, the body will excrete nitrate oxide which is a muscle relaxer. All this activity takes place within the walls of blood vessels so the result is the relaxation of vessels.

If a man is stimulated sexually while the vessels are relaxed, a flood of blood will collect in the penis and the pressure makes it stiff.

Directives for Usage of Fildena Super Active

Before you make a beeline for the nearest pharmacy, you need to be diagnosed by a specialist. A urologist would be the best option but even consulting your GP is a good start. This medication is to be used only on prescription. An examination will be carried out as well as an interview to get as much information to determine whether you should use the capsule.

If it is determined that the treatment will be helpful and safe for you, it will be prescribed. The doctor will also give you safety advice like how to deal with side effects, avoid interactions, and the dosage you must follow.

Most patients are advised to use the capsule before sex. The medication can take an hour to get saturated within the system. Some men may have a faster metabolism and that can make the medication work faster.

Fildena Super Active will give you a window of up to 6 hours to enjoy sex. It primarily reaches peak strength 4 hours after you have taken it. You might notice diminishing returns between 6 and 10 hours after taking it.

The specialists do not advise anyone to take a boost of the medication within 24 hours after taking the tablet.

You can eat food before using the medicine, however, do not eat a heavy meal since it may influence the reaction time of the medicine.

You can additionally ask your doctor if you can buy Fildena 100 Mg or Fildena 50 Mg.

Benefits of Fildena Super Active

The use of this medication could mark the beginning of good things in your life. Surveys carried out among men with erectile dysfunction reveal the troubles they have to endure. This capsule will bring relief in many ways. Here are just some of them:

1. Sustained erection: Your major problem is the inability to achieve rigidity. Many of the problems you experience stem from that condition but the same day you take Fildena Super Active, you will be able to get an erection. With that, you can have pleasurable sex

2.Happiness: Overcoming any adversity should make you happy. But it is not just that, you will also be happy because of the love you can now make. Sex induces a feeling of excitement. Climaxing too has a part to play in improving your mood. The brain chemicals excreted when you orgasm induce a euphoric mood.

3. Increased intimacy: There is a sense of intimacy couples can only get when they make love regularly. You miss that when you are impotent and you will both feel the distance created. However, when you get your prescription and begin the treatment, you will regain the connection and intimacy.

4. Improved confidence: A man’s confidence can be stolen by the embarrassing effects of impotence. Many even get depressed because they do not feel worthy of a seat at the table of men. But, when you swallow this drug and regain your virility, your confidence can be restored. Some men may need counseling to deal with depression, the majority naturally build confidence gradually.

5. Fight stress: Whether you are stressed because of your condition or because of your day at work, you can get rid of that stress by having sex. It is a cheap way to relax and destress yourself.

Side Effects

As you use Fildena Super Active, have knowledge about side effects. Even though most men will not have side effects, there is still no way of telling who will and who will not get it. But to avoid panic, medical personnel inform everyone who uses the drug of possible side effects. As long as you are not allergic to Sildenafil and you take the right dose, the side effects will be mild.

One of the first effects is lightheadedness which occurs because of the change in blood pressure. It may be accompanied by a headache which is the most common but eventually stops. Your face may also appear flushed and you may feel hot around the neck.

Some people report having indigestion and nausea, although they are not so prevalent.

Back and muscle pain may also occur. It is also possible to fail to tell the difference between colors like blue and green.

The mild side effects should be easy to tolerate and as you use the medicine more, they will not even occur.


Your health provider prescribes a dose based on what is believed to be safe for you. Not everyone can take the same dose as some people may find one too strong. If you deviate from the prescribed amount, especially taking more than indicated, you could overdose. It is not to be taken lightly. An overdose comes with several complications. Imagine having an erection that will not go down and you need an operation to deal with it.

You may also end up with palpitations and chest pain because your heart is working too hard. It could get worse with you losing consciousness. Sometimes, what should be minor side effects can escalate into intense conditions that need treatment.


1- What causes erectile dysfunction?

Ed is a complex condition with different possible causes. It has been observed more in older men above 60 years old and that is attributed to a drop in testosterone. In older men, the blood vessels can harden as many parts of the body start to slow down. Lifestyle choices like drinking too much alcohol use and smoking can also be some of the causes of ED. It is observed that impotence is at times a symptom and not a disease.

2- Is Fildena Super Active better than Viagra?

Both these drugs are made using the same ingredient. Comparisons cannot be made based on the makeup and efficacy of the drugs because they have the same components. The difference however may be recognized when you compare the price. Because Viagra is an American product, it incurs a higher production cost. Fildena Super Active on the other hand is made in India at a lower cost. You will find a significant saving when you buy the generic drug over Viagra.

3- Why do I need a prescription to use this drug?

Treatment should be based on evidence that a drug will work and it will be safe. You cannot carry out such a diagnosis on your own. Many men end up taking the wrong dose of a drug and it turns out to be too low or too strong. A doctor can assess your condition and give you the right prescription with instructions on how to use it. It is also for your safety since doctors can tell you more about interactions that can be deadly.

4- How safe is Fildena Super Active?

There haven’t been any complaints of adverse reactions from people who use the drug correctly. Correct use involves an assessment by a doctor who determines if the medicine is safe for you. The ingredient Sildenafil is recognized as safe for medical use.


Your terrible days in the bedroom can come to an end when you start using Fildena Super Active. There is indisputable evidence of its effectiveness in treating impotence and it comes with many benefits. You can find this medication online and make an order. Go ahead and save on shipping costs by ordering products worth $199.

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