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After the sad reality of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it is still possible to reignite your sex life. Fildena can be the champion that helps you do that. Its quick-acting effect and ease of use have made it popular among impotent men. Read More


After the sad reality of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it is still possible to reignite your sex life. Fildena can be the champion that helps you do that. Its quick-acting effect and ease of use have made it popular among impotent men. If you cannot get an erection every time you want to get intimate, then you need this drug to support you.

This medication contains Sildenafil in different forms and doses. You simply need the expert guidance of a urologist to find the right dose for you.

How Fildena Affects Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

This drug wastes no time in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Within an hour, an impotent man will be hard just 60 minutes after the drug is administered. This is probably one of the reasons many men who use it never feel the need to switch to another drug.

You will discover several upbeat testimonies about the medication and how it has changed different men’s lives.

You would be amazed at how simple its action in the body is yet it will transform a man’s life immensely. To deal with erectile dysfunction, Fildena simply causes vasodilation. This is because to cause a hardon, blood has to gain access to the penis. Impotent men have narrow and constricted blood vessels so the amount of blood that gets to the penis is usually negligible.

By getting the muscles in the blood vessel walls to relax, Fildena will open up a wider passage for more blood to be transported to where it is needed.

This action on erectile dysfunction is temporary. When the drug starts acting, the action will last a maximum of 5 to 6 hours. For most couples, that is enough time to satisfy their sexual urge and enjoy the benefits of sex.

Why Fildena is Beneficial

Physicians will tell you and impotent men will attest to how broken they were before treatment. It is not just the physical crippling caused by impotence. They also suffer psychological and social effects of the condition.

When they start using Fildena however, a lot begins to change. The man can engage in sex to satisfaction of himself and his partner. The improvement in his life is tremendous. The benefits listed below make it necessary for more men with erectile dysfunction to be treated using this medication.

  • Improved quality of erections
  • Fairly long-acting enough for a couple to get satisfied
  • Promotes mental well being by boosting confidence and alleviating depression
  • Restores passion and togetherness when you bond
  • Can save a marriage by giving a reason to stay together
  • Keeps you healthy by enabling regular sex
  • Improves your mood
  • It is a treatment that is easy to access and administer

Dosage Alternatives

The maker of this medication has gone the extra mile to ensure every user has the exact dose they need. For example, you do not have to break the 100 Mg pill in half to get half the dose. There is a 50 Mg pill for that. Or you do not need to stop taking the medication because you do not like swallowing tablets, there is the chewable tablet. There is even a sublingual tablet that doesn’t have to be swallowed and is not affected by how much food you eat. Here are the alternatives.

  • Fildena 25 Mg
  • Fildena 50 Mg
  • Fildena CT 50
  • Fildena 100
  • Fildena CT 100
  • Fildena 120 Mg
  • Super Fildena
  • Fildena XXX
  • Fildena Super Active
  • Fildena Professional

Best Fildena Dosage for You

The dose you will find most helpful depends on your condition, age, and preference. It can be necessary to carry out tests to find out the extent of your erectile dysfunction. Often, men who take long before seeking treatment will have an advanced case of erectile dysfunction and may need stronger medication. In the earlier stages, however, you can take a 50 Mg dose and get a stiff member. Also, older people seem to need less Sildenafil to get an erection so they end up on lower doses of the drug.

Ideally, you can work with the physician to find the best dose for you. Remember never to self-medicate or to use a dose simply because it helped someone you know. Initially, you will be started on a relatively safe dose. This helps the doctor understand your reaction to the drug. After taking it once or twice, it may be clear if you should remain on that dose or it should be adjusted. In rare cases, it may take weeks for the drug to start working.

Taking the tablet twice and not getting an erection is no sign that you need a stronger dose. These are things that the professionals understand and you do not so don’t determine on your own that the dose needs to be increased.

You should also ask your doctor also if you can buy Kamagra or Cenforce .

How to use Fildena?

The details of how you should use this medication will be provided by the physician. The following guidelines can be adjusted when you see the doctor and they determine what would be best for you.

  • Take the meds orally 1 hour ahead of sexual intercourse
  • Foreplay or any similar form of arousal is necessary for the penis to get hard
  • Unless informed by the physician to do differently, take only one tablet in 24 hours
  • Drink water to wash down tablets that need to be swallowed whole
  • Avoid overdose by not mixing drugs or therapeutics that also treat erectile dysfunction
  • Control how much food you eat before taking the medicine or else be ready to wait longer for the drug to take effect.

Side Effects of Fildena

Vasodilation caused by this medication also causes reduced blood pressure. Expect your body to gradually get used to the new condition. As it does, you may experience considerable discomfort. If you are taking the medication under the supervision of a trained medical person, the drop in blood pressure should not be serious. The majority of men will not even experience side effects. Headache and flushing of the face are the common disturbances reported.

If on the other hand a person self-medicates and ends up taking too much Sildenafil, the side effects may be more intense and at times require emergency treatment. Priapism, chest pain, and blurred vision are symptoms of overdose that should be taken seriously.

The medical specialist should provide you with added information about side effects and what to do when they occur.


Out of the hundreds of known interactions with Sildenafil, there are 31 that raise serious concern. Your physician will educate you on the different possibilities and what to avoid. Your proactive engagement in ensuring the medication you are using will not interact with the drug is imperative. The most common warning to all patients is grapefruit and juice. As innocent as it may seem when it mixes with this drug the result will be overdose even if you took the lowest dosage. You also need to be cautious about the amount of alcohol you take.


1- How do I deal with a missed dose?

This depends on the instructions you were given by the doctor. Often, you only have to take it before sex as opposed to a regular schedule. However if you were to take it at a particular time, go ahead and take that dose when you remember. Be careful however not to take it too close to the next dose. For example, if the next dose is 4 hours away, just skip the one you forgot.

2- Can Fildena be used by women?

In controlled doses, the drug may be beneficial for women with sexual dysfunction. But take note that there is still no clear research on this. Desist from making yourself a test subject on behalf of other women. If you have sexual problems, visit the sexologist or gynecologist and discuss the best option. There is probably more that we need to establish about its overall effect on females.

3- How long do the effects of Fildena last?

After 4 hours it is expected that most users will have experienced peak conditions of Fildena. This doesn’t hold true to all men, so do not imagine it is a guarantee for you. Some men may have slower reactions to the medicine than others.

4-What is the minimum age for use of Fildena?

This drug is intended for adults only. Persons under 18 shouldn’t use the medication let alone be engaging in sex. There is no known benefit of this medication for underage people.

5- How is this drug stored?

Fildena should be stored away from moisture. The blister packs and sachets are waterproof, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to keep them in the fridge. Temperature also matters. It shouldn’t be at any extreme. You should also refer to the directions that come with the medication which includes storage instructions.

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