Kamagra Oral Jelly


Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate


Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

Pack Size

28 sachet/s, 56 sachet/s, 84 sachet/s


7 x 5g Sachets in a Box

Not everyone will be happy swallowing tablets for whatever ailment they may have. Makers of drugs have addressed that problem with Oral Jellies. If you have Erectile dysfunction and you do not want to take tablets, you might like Kamagra Oral Jelly. Read More

Kamagra Oral Jelly

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Not everyone will be happy swallowing tablets for whatever ailment they may have. Makers of drugs have addressed that problem with Oral Jellies. If you have Erectile dysfunction and you do not want to take tablets, you might like Kamagra Oral Jelly.

Sometimes, the physician recommends this medication not just because of its strength and effectiveness but because some patients are cautious about people knowing they are taking some kind of medication but they are comfortable taking a jelly which doesn’t make it so obvious.

What is Kamagra Oral Jelly? 

Away from the embarrassment and convenience, this is a strong drug used in the oral treatment of erectile dysfunction. That is an illness that prevents a man from getting an erection.

The drug comes in different flavored jellies to make administering it a bit of an interesting moment. The drug however contains 100 Mg of Sildenafil which is the starting dose of Sildenafil that new patients begin with. Away from the tasty pineapple, Mint, Orange, and other flavors, the medication will effectively give a man a quality erection he will be proud of and his partner will be amazed by the sight of it and overjoyed by the feel of it during lovemaking.

How is Kamagra Oral Jelly Used?

The manufacturer has prepared every sachet as a ready dose to be used for hours of love-making. Doctors advise that you empty all the contents of the sachet into a spoon and put it into your mouth as you would when eating yummy jelly. You do not need any water or some other liquid to help take this medicine. Just suck and swallow.

Naturally, taking the medication should precede sex. The prescribed time to take it is 1 hour before and then follow up the administering with foreplay to get the blood flowing down south.

Your physician will give you added information about taking the drug which applies to your specific condition.

The Effect of Kamagra Oral Jelly on Erectile Dysfunction

The main effect of this drug is felt all through the blood vessels, not just in the penis. The action of the drug is particularly on a body protein known as PDE-5 which breaks down another enzyme, cGMP which is needed to dilate blood vessels. Sildenafil stops PDE-5 from working for a period of about 6 to 8 hours. During this window, blood vessels leading to all organs of the body are relaxed and let more blood get to the organs. If a man is stimulated during this time, blood will gush into the penis and you will experience it rising and getting hard, ready for sex.

Will Kamagra Oral Jelly Work for You?

Just knowing you have erectile dysfunction is not enough to know if the drug will have the desired impact. Even a trained urologist would have to ask many questions and carry out tests to have a fair idea of the chances that this drug will work. Even after all that, it will still take a trial period to see if your body will respond as expected to the drug.

Now you might be thinking you could as well do the trial and error on your own without a doctor, but that would be unwise. The role of the doctor is to find a safe dose and prevent allergic reactions. Not everyone with ED reacts well when they take Sildenafil. You could be allergic to it, you might be taking another drug that will interact with it or you may have a condition that can make it unsafe to use vasodilators. Let the physician determine how effective the drug will be for you. You can also ask him if Kamagra 50 Mg or Kamagra 100 Mg can work.

Why Treat Impotence with Kamagra Oral Jelly?

1. Recapture your sex life: Has your bedroom become the place you catch shut-eye and nothing more? Does your lover look at you like a desert trader looks at sand? You can change all that by taking Kamagra Oral Jelly treatment. In an hour or less you can turn your bedroom into a steamy temple for lovemaking and your lover will look at you like a desert trader looks at a fountain of water.

2. High-quality erection: Erections are of varying quality. The best quality is the one that is strong and can stay that way long enough for both you and your partner to get fully satisfied. That is what this medication will deliver to you. Every time you use the drug will be more excitement and satisfaction.

3. Easy and discrete administering: This drug is a jelly in a sachet. Can it get more discreet than this? Most people associate ED medication to be small blue pills. No one will suspect that you are treating erectile dysfunction. The content is also flavored which makes the drug palatable. To crown it all, you do not need water to take the medicine, just lap it up.

4. Availability: You do not need to go on a treasure hunt to find this drug, it is right here on this website for anyone with a genuine prescription. And guess what else? The price is lower than certain popular ED drugs.


There are tens of possible interactions with Sildenafil. You should avoid them if you are determined to get success from the treatment In most cases, the medical service provider will alert you to about 30 of the possible interactions and you will need to beware of those that may apply to you. If you are already on medication for any other illness even if it is just pain killers, let your doctor know this so they can assess the risk it poses. Your medical history will be important as well since certain illnesses do not react well to Sildenafil, for example, blood pressure (low and high).

Nitrates are a major warning when using any ED medication in the same group as Sildenafil. It is best not to take them at the same time or within a certain period when either of them is still active in the body.


1- How long does Kamagra Oral Jelly remain active?

You will experience 4 hours of strong erections. This is while the drug is getting to its peak. After 4 hours, it is at its peak before it starts to diminish. You can still have great sex after 4 hours of taking the jelly. By the sixth hour, it will be evident that the medication is not as strong as it was 2 hours ago but it is still possible to get reasonably hard. Some men are able to enjoy the benefits of the medication even after 8 hours. Despite the weakening of the drug, you are advised not to take another pill because this medication remains in the body for 24 hours.

2- What is going to happen if I plan to use it long term?

Research has made it evident that when a person takes this medication, the body gets used to the effects. Most people who have been using the drug for long no longer feel side effects. However, It is necessary to recognise you are not immune to overdose. Do not take higher doses just because you do not feel any side effects.

3- What are the side effects?

There are several reports of different side effects however many of them are not so common especially with this dose. What seems to be reported more often are headaches and flushing of the face. Other effects mentioned are nausea, feeling lightheaded, having a running stomach, stuffy nose, and backache. Some extreme cases have also been reported as a result of overdose and they include priapism, chest pain, and loss of consciousness.

4- Is Kamagra Oral Jelly for women?

No, right from the packaging you will see information that refers to erectile dysfunction. Any sexual problems that a woman may have may be referred to a physician who can prescribe the right medication.

5 Does it expire?

Yes, Kamagra Oral Jelly has a shelf life of 2 years.Pay attention to the expiry date indicated on the box and sachet. Do not purchase expired medication as it will be of no use to you. Be vigilant about ascertaining the expiry date of all medications that you intend to purchase.

6- How should it be stored?

Particular care should be taken to keep this medication away from extreme heat and cold. These two can destroy the medication. Do not get the contents of the sachet out unless you are going to take it. The drug should be kept in the sachet at all times. You should also resist the urge to store this in the fridge, this medication is best at room temperature.

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