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Using a formula of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, you can get hard and satisfy your partner to the full without embarrassing moments of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. That wonder formula is contained in Super P-Force and is being used by men with impotence and premature ejaculation. In case you are not familiar with the terms, impotence is a condition where a man cannot get or sustain an erection hard enough to have satisfactory sex. Read More

Super P Force

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Using a formula of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, you can get hard and satisfy your partner to the full without embarrassing moments of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. That wonder formula is contained in Super P-Force and is being used by men with impotence and premature ejaculation.

In case you are not familiar with the terms, impotence is a condition where a man cannot get or sustain an erection hard enough to have satisfactory sex. You will also find it talked about as erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation occurs if a man climaxes too early in the process of having sex. Usually, the man has no control over his ejaculation so even before he can enjoy the moment, he finds he has ejaculated.

If these are conditions you can relate to because you have them, there is hope for you. This drug has been used by men in the same condition and they have been helped to have harder erections and improved the amount of time they can keep thrusting before ejaculation.

Ingredients in Super P-Force

This medicine contains a strong PDE-5 inhibitor called Sildenafil and a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor called Dapoxetine. There is more Sildenafil than Dapoxetine in the tablet by a ratio of 100:60 milligrams.

How Super P Force Works?

This drug enhances the process of getting an erection while suppressing the process of ejaculation.

Let’s start with the erection process. An erection will occur if blood flows into the penis, fills it up, and makes it stiff. In impotent men, blood is unable to get into the penis because the blood vessels and the tissues in the penis are tense and narrow. When You swallow the tablet, the Sildenafil gets into the blood vessel walls and gets them to relax and expand. This happens when it blocks the action of PDE-5. The muscles in the vessel walls will relax so that blood can pass through the vessels with ease. Once stimulation occurs, blood is let into the penis and the blood pressure in the organ makes it become and stay firm.

Now let’s talk about ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs because the brain sends signals to the muscles in the penis to contract and relax causing ejaculation. This usually happens after the buildup of serotonin. The work of Dapoxetine here is to block the uptake of the brain chemical Serotonin so that the message to ejaculate does not go out for some time. This results in more time before you ejaculate.

How to use Super P Force

This drug should be prescribed for you to use it. The doctor who does the prescription will also recommend how you should use it. It is important to follow a set amount to be taken at a particular time. But, there is also a recommendation from the experts which stipulates that the drug needs to be taken only once in 24 hours. That means, take only one tablet when you are going to have sex. The tablet should be used approximately 1 hour before intercourse. You will need water to swallow the pill so that it will be absorbed faster and doesn’t get stuck along the way to the stomach.

The doctor will give you added instructions about taking the medicine like how to avoid interactions. Any changes to the dose should be medically advised as opposed to self medicating. You can also ask him about the medicines like Kamagra and Vidalista 40 Mg .

Benefits of Super P Force

This medication though tiny can change plenty in your life. People who use it narrate stories about how they have started experiencing the best that life has to offer after they started using the medication. This is after they felt like they had hit rock bottom because of erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is more than just problems in the bedroom it affects more than that in your life and you can correct it by using this medication. The following explanations shade light on the benefits.

1.Improves sex: A failed erection and premature ejaculation are the recipe for a frustrating sex life. With this medication, however, sex will become exciting and satisfactory. You can double the amount of time you last without climaxing and with repeated use, the time can get even longer. Your penis will also be very hard for the pleasure of your lover. Sex becomes a moment and experience you anticipate with glee.

2.Self-esteem: Your pride will be restored despite the many embarrassing nights that you were unable to get an erection or climaxed within a few seconds. This treatment gives you the ability to improve your game. If your reputation had been crushed because of the drug, you can redeem it and be proud of yourself.

3.Better relationship: Impotence and erectile dysfunction put a strain on relationships. The lack of intimacy and satisfaction draws couples apart. When you take this drug you can bring back sex to your relationship. This allows you to bond and communicate in non-verbal ways that strengthen relationships.

4.You will be happier: Sex creates euphoria and that is what you need to be happier. Happy people tend to be better lovers, parents, and workmates. You will realize that you can make friends easier and get people to treat you well when you are happy. Happy employees are more likely to get promotions and so many more positive things will come to you.

5.Better health: Having sex often can make you healthier. It is the total package here that affects your mind and your body. Cases of depression are common among impotent men as well as those with PE. Treating the problem will help deal with depression. But that’s not all. You will improve the state of your prostates because this drug also relieves pressure on the prostate area. Your heart will also be thankful because sex helps to exercise and improve cardio health.

Side Effects

Your chances of getting side effects depend on your body. The doses of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine in this drug are not usually associated with side effects even if about 10 percent of people who use it may get certain side effects.

  • It can induce headache as the blood pressure in your head drops
  • You might feel nausea
  • Your stomach might get unsettled
  • Some people experience nasal congestion
  • The face and neck turning red is a common side effect
  • Slight back pain may be experienced

There exist certain side effects that do not occur often and are a result of overdose, allergies, and interactions. Though rare, they can happen and when they do, they are serious and need urgent attention. Among them are priapism, which is a non-stop erection that exceeds 4 hours. You could also have an irregular heartbeat as well as a drastic drop in blood pressure. There are more that you might be told about by the physician. If they occur, call the doctor and or emergency line.

When not to use Super P- Force

  • There’s no medical direction that it will help you
  • You suffer liver or kidney illness
  • You have serious hypertension
  • Low blood pressure
  • You are allergic to the ingredients in Super P Force
  • You are receiving treatment for mental illness
  • You are on medication that contains nitrates
  • You are receiving treatment for a cardiac complication
  • You are engaged in heavy use of alcohol and recreational drugs


1- How often should I take Super P Force?

This treatment does not have to be taken all the time. The main reason to take it is if you intend to have sex. In some studies, doctors have observed that taking a daily dose of this medication may make it easier for a man to have spontaneous sex because you do not have to remember to take the drug in advance. Although not everyone can find it helpful to do this. Some men may end up experiencing side effects that disrupt their lives. You do not have the knowledge to determine how often you can use it. Take it as directed by the medical professional.

2- How long will I wait to experience the effects of the drug?

Results will be seen the same day you take it. Just like most on-demand drugs, it gives you relief within minutes of taking it. Most men will be able to have sex after 40 minutes from the time they took the medication. Different circumstances determine how long you wait. For example, if you have eaten a heavy meal rich in fat, you may wait more than an hour before you can get an erection. In some cases, fatty foods prevent you from getting an erection completely.

3- Can expired Super P Force cause illness?

Do not harbor an imagination of using such drugs. That said, the main problem with expired medication is the act that it has lost its strength. Its efficacy could be just as expired as the drug. You can avoid that problem by buying genuine ED medication from this online Store. We guarantee that every batch of medication sold is checked to ensure it is still potent. The pricing too is kind on your pocket. Please Visit our other products also like Fildena 50 Mg and Fildena Super Active .

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