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After her husband passed away in a tragic accident, Monica developed severe anxiety attacks. The doctor prescribed a benzodiazepine but it turned her into a zombie. She couldn’t get any work done. Read More
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After her husband passed away in a tragic accident, Monica developed severe anxiety attacks. The doctor prescribed a benzodiazepine but it turned her into a zombie. She couldn’t get any work done. Eventually, the treatment was changed to a drug in the same family but more popularly used. She was prescribed Valium 10 Mg. The results were fantastic and she was calmer yet able to carry out all her daily activities.

That is just one of several reviews about this drug. In fact, more than 80% of the reviews on indicate that this medication is highly potent and efficient.

What is Valium 10 Mg?

This pill is in the family of benzodiazepines. These medicines can pacify the brain. But just as one reviewer indicates, they don’t all work similarly. Valium for instance will calm the nerves without making the person subdued.

Valium is also known by the name diazepam and is used in different ways to calm nerves and the brain.

Sadly, Valium is also one of the most abused drugs because of its tranquilizer effect. What starts as a need can turn into an addiction and that is why knowledge about the medication and how to use it is important.

How to Use Valium 10 Mg?

The most effective way to use this medication should be determined by the doctor. It has different uses and the dosage may vary according to the condition and your age along with other factors.

Often, it is taken once a day but at times it may be necessary to take it twice or thrice a day depending on what is being treated.

One serious instruction you should never ignore is to use it for only 4 weeks consecutively. This is recommended because of the possible onset of addiction.

While using it you should also take note of its tendency to make people drowsy. That effect makes it dangerous to drive. Also, when you stop using the drug, do not do it abruptly. It needs to be slowly reduced and then stopped or else you could get withdrawal symptoms.

Best Uses for Valium 10 Mg?

Diazepam has proven effective in the treatment of certain illnesses that usually affect the way people function. Doctors recommend it for short-term use, although some people may find it beneficial even when used long-term. The following best uses are on the condition that the drug is prescribed by a doctor and progress too is monitored.

1.Anxiety attacks: This is the most common reason the medication may be prescribed. Studies show that anxiety attacks if not managed early can result in panic disorders which make it hard to function normally in everyday life. A daily dose of this tablet can help to calm you down. With several situations in life that can cause anxiety, it is no wonder that a large population of Americans is grateful for the existence of this medication.

2.Seizure management: Epilepsy is one of the most common seizures that is managed using this drug. The illness can be embarrassing and can endanger your safety if it occurs in certain places like as you cross a street. A regular dose of this medication helps to influence the brain messengers so that seizures rarely occur.

3.Spasms: Muscle spasms vary in intensity. For certain people they are so severe they even wake you up in the night. Some people develop sciatica as a result of muscle spasms. But, you can control them using Valium 10 Mg. The drug can relax muscles and that helps to control the frequency of spasms. Although it may not help everyone with the condition, it seems to work in close to 90 percent of the people who use it.

4.Insomnia: When used as the doctor advises, this medication can help to deal with insomnia. The cases that may get the best results are people who travel across time zones and find their circadian rhythm is altered. This can result in failing to sleep at night. Using diazepam to induce sleep can help and after short-term use, you will find you adapt to the new time zone. Care needs to be taken though when using it for this purpose because some people end up addicted to the drug. If you suffer from insomnia, you should work with a doctor to find the cause and treat it.

5.Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: Many of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are similar to the conditions listed above. Anxiety, uncontrolled movements, seizures, and irritability are synonymous with withdrawal from alcohol. The good thing about using Valium 10 Mg for these symptoms is that it has the shortest action time. A person can get relief faster and the sedition period is not long so you can get on with your life faster.

Side Effects

The use of this oral tablet can cause some side effects that if you are aware of shouldn’t cause worry. For example, because of the sedative effect, it can also make you unstable and sleepy. This can occur a few minutes after you swallow the pill.

Some people can experience headaches especially after using the drug on consecutive days. Faced with such a situation, discuss with a doctor about possible relief.

Indigestion can also occur especially when you have just started using the drug. It can happen that you feel itchy and have a rash.

A few side effects can be serious and may need medical observation to ensure they do not escalate. These include:

  • Reduced urination
  • Irritability
  • Irregular breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Not eating

While you use the medication, make sure you remain in touch with the medical provider about any changes that occur. If a symptom seems to cause more discomfort than you can stand, talk to the doctor.


1.Alcohol use: Avoid using alcohol when you are on valium 10 Mg. Both the drug and alcohol have sedative properties, taking them together could double the action on your body. Some serious side effects can result from the interaction between alcohol and this medication. You may also find it hard to do certain things in your daily life because of the hangover effect of alcohol combined with diazepam’s sedative effect.

2.Pregnancy: There are risks associated with taking this medication while pregnant. It is not advisable to do so. Although, at times, it could be necessary to take the drug. In such a situation, the patient and doctor need to have a detailed talk about the risks involved. If there seem to be more benefits than risks to using the medicine, then the doctor may prescribe its use.

3.Addiction: Valium 10 Mg can be a habit-forming drug if misused. This is common among people who self-medicate. You are advised not to use it for any more longer than four weeks straight. You however need to tamper your body off the drug to avoid other problems.

4.Opioid use: While it may be tempting to use painkillers to dull any pain you experience, caution needs to be taken. Opioids can have a sedative effect and when mixed with diazepam, the results could be unpleasant.

5.Allergies: If you have any allergies, it should be established if they include allergies to valium or any ingredient in the drug. Refrain from taking the drug if you are not sure about your allergies and the extent of it.


1.Gideon 35 yrs: I have been taking Valium for 5 years now since I had back surgery done. Before I started taking it, I would be awakened by sharp pains and muscle twitching. Tried a few painkillers and another drug, but they didn’t do much. When the doctor prescribed this drug, I was skeptical but have since been won over. My nights are calm and peaceful. My problems seem to have gone away.

2.Stacey 40 yrs: It was hard for me to adjust to a new schedule when I moved from California to New York. I never had any sleeping disorders until the move. I thought of doing exercise but the lack of sleep at night left me too weak to exercise and I would be sleepy at work. I went to see the doctor and he put me on Valium 10 Mg for 10 days then reduced the dose. I now sleep perfectly without any aid but haven’t had any dependence issues.

3.Douglas 30 Yrs: When I had a panic attack in the middle of a presentation, I knew I had to do something about it. It had happened a few times when I was home alone so I didn’t take it seriously. My boss was not amused about the occurrence and referred me to his doctor. Amazingly, the solution was as simple as taking this drug. I have not experienced panic attacks the whole year now so I believe the drug is doing its work.


Valium 10 Mg can be used to calm the mind and help you function better. It must be prescribed by a medical expert only and shouldn’t be used for too long. You can buy this medication here and have it delivered to you. Other than this you will also love to buy Fildena 50 Mg or Cenforce 150 Mg .

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