About Us

Our Vision

The story of Healthy Generic is one of passion for the improvement of the lives of people around the world. We are a pharmaceutical business driven by an urge to see to it that every man can live a better life with the help of the medications we provide.

For us it is not so much about the money, that is why you will find our prices are better than so many other online pharmacies. Generic drugs can provide much-needed relief from common ailments that several men struggle with. We take it as a serious calling for us to provide this service to our clients.

Our Beginning

Healthy Generic has been in existence since 2020. We are the definition of humble beginnings but each day is an opportunity for us to prove to our clients that we desire to serve and impress.

From selling only meds for Erectile dysfunction, we have expanded to include other drugs which we know will improve the lives of the people who need them. The philosophy behind our beginning was improving the lives of men around the world with affordable “blue pills.” Eventually, we learned that certain ailments like pain and stress greatly affect millions of people around the world. We then set out to include medications that can address such problems.

The People Behind Healthy Generic

As an online pharmacy, our staff rarely get to engage with the clients. However, we have a solid team that sees to the daily performance of the pharmacy. At the forefront is a team of specialized and highly trained pharmacists. They are always willing to assist the clients to find the right medication and provide added information to ensure the treatment is safe and effective.

The pharmacists are the human face of Healthy Generic. If you need interaction with a person, they are the best option. They always encourage clients to ask any question they want answered. In fact, they believe that some of the questions a client may think are stupid end up being the most important questions to ask. Patience and honesty are key virtues that they possess and always employ them to see to it that the customer gets exactly what they need.

There is also a strong team behind the scenes who ensure the website is up and running the way it should. Your experience on the website is thanks to these great passionate individuals who constantly check to see that everything runs as expected.


We also consider our chatbots as part of the people at Healthy Generic. While we may not always be available to respond to certain inquiries, we trust that the chatbots can handle most inquiries. So far we haven’t had any complaints and where the inquiry is beyond the “pay grade” of a bot, we always find a human to handle the matter.

Everyone at this pharmacy is fully competent and understands the value of satisfying the client every time they perform their duty. We also have a standby team to handle any complaints as well as take note of suggestions. Altogether, we strive to impress you

Our Range of Medications

We make it a point to keep abreast with information about the best drugs for particular ailments. Most of our products are in the range of men’s health. However, there are also other drugs to help with your eyesight, anxiety, and pain among others. All these are sourced from legit manufacturers and meet the standards of the FDA. We are intent on bringing the pharmacy to you by providing the most common options of drugs that you would need.


Men’s Health: This is a range of ED medications along with drugs that manage premature ejaculation. We believe every man should be able to have and enjoy sex and all the benefits that come with it. This is why we provide drugs to treat the most common sexual problems men have. 

The range of drugs for men’s health are generic drugs which have become the most in-demand medications for treating impotence and premature ejaculation. They include:

  • Generic Viagra, which are drugs made using the ingredient Sildenafil. They are an effective alternative for the more expensive Viagra. The common brands include Cenforce, Kamagra, and Fildena.
  • Generic Cialis, these drugs are made using the ingredient Tadalafil which is a long-acting vasodilator. The main brand we have is Vidalista.
  • Generic Levitra is another effective ED drug and is made from Vardenafil. The generic brand we sell is Vilitra.
  • Generic Stendra, this drug is made using Avanafil and can be found on this site.
  • Generic Priligy, unlike the majority of men’s health drugs sold here, this one is used to treat premature ejaculation. It contains Dapoxetine, a known antidepressant that is now widely used to delay ejaculation in men.


Anxiety Meds: Life can be stressful and at times the stress can result in anxiety attacks. This is not good for your daily functioning and so we provide the relief you need. The meds include:

      • Ativan
      • Xanax
      • Valium


Eye care: Your sight is very important and anything that affects your eyes can affect the quality of your life. Our eye product is intended to relieve stress on the eyes and clear obstructions. Care Prost is recommended by eye specialists around the world and we are happy to provide it for you whenever you need it.

Pain Medication: Your life would be very uncomfortable if you are constantly in pain. The best way to deal with pain is to use one of our products. With guidance from a medical specialist, you can deal with different kinds of pain using these drugs.


The drugs we sell here are sourced from certified manufacturers around the world. We ensure that you get the best prices by cutting out the middleman and dealing with the manufacturer or their authorized distributors.

The manufacturers are known for their commitment to safety and efficacy in their products. We haven’t had any complaints so far about the medications they produce and the regulatory authority has provided a seal of approval indicating the medicines can be trusted. Some of the manufacturers we source from include: Centurion Laboratories, Ajanta Pharma, Pfizer, and Sun Pharma, among others.

We Value Your Safety

Healthy Generic is aware of the different safety concerns buyers have when purchasing drugs online. We assess different threats and risks and come up with procedures to ensure you are always safe when transacting and even after.

First of all, we ensure the safety of the drugs that we supply. Healthy Generic is certain that the medicines are safe for human consumption when used as directed by a specialist. No expired drugs are shipped to our clients and every product is checked for authenticity.

Also, many of the drugs we sell should only be used as prescribed by a medical person. We do not sell these drugs to people who do not meet the requirements to use the drugs. Despite having an in-house team of pharmacists, sometimes we may refer a patient to a doctor before we provide the medication. Also, when the medication is sold to a patient, we remain available to address any concerns they may have about the meds or certain interactions that may occur.

Your safety online is also our business. We do not want you to be a victim of man-in-the-middle attacks and other financial scams. Healthy Generic is a fully encrypted website. All the information shared on the site is secured. We also run periodic checks to discover any new loopholes that may have emerged. Our IT team is constantly updating its abilities to handle any threats. In the end, you, our customer can rest easy knowing you are safe transacting at our online pharmacy.

Our Clients Say

Health Generic has become my favorite online pharmacy. I may have been skeptical about using them when I was just searching for a reliable pharmacy. However, I saw a great saving I could make as a first-time buyer. They offer a 20% discount and that was appealing to me. When I started the process of ordering the drugs, I discovered other great things about the site. For example, making an order is so easy and you can get a complete look at their inventory with a single click. I must have taken under 5 minutes to identify the drugs I want and then pay for them. I received the package within 4 days and found that impressive. I still order refills from them and I cannot complain.


The idea of walking to a pharmacy and asking for impotence drugs was daunting. I just couldn’t see myself announcing to everyone that I cannot “get it up.” My wife volunteered to buy the drugs for me but that made no difference as far as I was concerned. So my urologist told me I could buy them online. I did some research and stumbled upon Healthy Generic. It was calming not having to talk face to face with someone and I could make the order from the comfort of my home. When the package came, I did not even realize it was the one I had been waiting for. It looked like any other delivery that my wife receives for hair products and all that. I now order all my ED meds from Healthy Generic.